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A New Steering Wheel

My husband is a frugal person. The two of us are still living in the starter home he purchased before we met nearly twenty years ago. He is driving a truck he bought eighteen years ago. While he still adores his truck, he knows he needs to make some necessary repairs to it in order to keep it running smoothly. For instance, in the near future, he expects to replace the automobile’s motor. He also needs to get the heater in his vehicle fixed. Because the truck is so old, its interior has seen better days. The seats need some new upholstery. And, he is in desperate need of a new steering wheel. I would like to purchase this item for my spouse for the upcoming holidays. On this blog, you will discover the latest trends in steering wheels designed for trucks. Enjoy!


A New Steering Wheel


Adding More Versatility To Your Pickup Truck With A Truck Topper

Owning a pickup truck allows you to haul many things and use the truck for many tasks, but there are times when having an open cargo bed can be a problem. Rain, snow, and other weather events can sometimes be an issue, but adding a truck topper to the bed changes that and offers some protection for the cargo and extend the use of the truck bed.  Truck Topper Styles