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A New Steering Wheel

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A New Steering Wheel

Things To Consider When Shopping For A Truck Cap For Your Pickup Truck

by Kim Murphy

Pickup trucks offer flexibility that you may not have with other vehicles, and the cargo bed on a pickup truck can allow you to carry many items. Some truck owners buy truck caps for the bed of their pickup to add more flexibility and to haul materials and cargo in any weather, but there are some things you may want to consider before adding a cap or shell to your truck. 

Custom Fit Caps

Customers that buy truck caps for new trucks often want to get the most use from these vehicles, and getting a shell or cap that fits the pickup truck precisely is vital. Truck caps are not one size fits all, and most are made to fit the width and length of the truck's cargo area and vary by make, model, and year.

Often people will refer to a pickup with an eight-foot bed as a standard length, but the bed can vary from seven and a half to just over eight feet long for a long bed or standard bed truck. The width of the bed can also vary, so you can't just buy truck caps that are universally fit because they may not seal correctly and could come loose when driving the truck. 

A custom truck cap or shell will attach securely to the truck and stay put while sealing out the weather and allowing you more security. Many manufacturers make custom truck caps that mimic the style and colors of the trucks they fit, and you can buy truck caps that look like they came on the pickup from the factory without having to do anything more than bolt them on.

Truck Cap Style

Truck owners have a few options to choose from, and you can buy truck caps that offer a high top that is taller than the cab's roof but allow you to carry more cargo with your pickup. There are also shorter, sleeker options, but they may limit what will fit in the bed with the cap in place. 

If you are going to use the truck for camping and want to sleep in the bed, a truck shell that has a larger door on the end and more height from the floor to the roof can make the area inside the truck bed more comfortable, while allowing you to load all your gear into the truck when you are ready to move on. No matter how you use your pickup truck when you buy truck caps or shells, consider all the possible uses and options available, then select one that meets your needs and looks great on the truck.