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A New Steering Wheel

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A New Steering Wheel

The Most Critical Features To Examine When Purchasing A Truck Cap

by Kim Murphy

Bed caps are not very expensive, but you can still save even more money if you purchase a used cap. First, you will want to find a cap designed specifically for your truck. After that, you should look at the other features the cap comes with to determine if you are interested in it.

The Cap Material

Bed caps will either use a plastic composite material or a sheet metal. The sheet metal is usually made with stainless steel or aluminum. The stainless steel and aluminum can be the most durable, but plastic composite can be very resistant to corrosion. While aluminum tends to be corrosion-resistant, it can still suffer from pitting if it is damaged.

The Wear And Tear

If you are purchasing a cap that seems not very expensive, but is also damaged, you will need to look into what it will take to repair it before you purchase it. You might not be receiving that great of a deal.

The Truck The Cap Is Designed For

Just because a cap was used on a particular truck doesn't mean that the cap was specifically designed for that truck. If the dimensions are close enough the previous owner might have managed to get the cap to fit, but ideally, you should get a cap that is designed specifically to fit on your truck.

The Manufacturer

Ideally, you should purchase a cap from a manufacturer who is well-known and has been in business for decades. If the company goes out of business, your replacement parts may become unavailable.

The Extra Features

Research the types of features that come with the truck cap. For example, there are some truck caps that come with a bed lining. The lining is not necessary, but will make the bed look better. It can also help improve insulation for the shell. The insulation will affect how comfortable the interior of the shell is, which can be useful if you are using the cap to transport an animal.

The boot feature is not recommended. These tend to leak and will also cause your paint to rub off. Front sliders are much better than a boot.

It is common to have a rack at the top of the cap. Ideally, you should purchase a shell that has the racks already pre-installed. It can be more expensive and challenging to install a new rack on a cap. Visit a truck cap dealer like J & C Campers for more information.