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A New Steering Wheel

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A New Steering Wheel

4 Signs You May Need A Transmission Repair

by Kim Murphy

Having a car that you can rely on each day is important. This will allow you to remain independent and not have to count on others to get you where you need to go. However, you may be faced with a transmission repair at some point, and knowing the signs that could indicate this are important to know.

Sign #1:  Gears are hard to shift

The gears in your car are what allow the transmission to operate as you want it to do so. If you notice difficulty in shifting gears or any of the issues listed below, you may be in need of a repair:

1.  Your car jerks each time you change gears.

2.  Your car stalls when switching gears.

3.  The gears in your car suddenly begin to change without any warning

Sign #2: You hear noises

When changing the gears in your car, this should be a smooth transaction if your transmission is in good condition. However, if you hear a whining or grinding noise, this is an indication that you may have a problem that should be checked.

Sign #3: Burning smells

If you smell a foul burning odor when you shift gears, this is a warning sign that your transmission may be overheating. This could mean that that the transmission is worn out and may need replacing soon.

Additionally, it's possible that your transmission fluid is to blame for the smell and should be checked. You could be running low on this fluid, and it will be necessary to replenish it quickly. Leaking transmission fluid means that you have a problem that needs immediate attention.

Sign #4: Color of transmission fluid

If you noticed the transmission fluid in your vehicle looked cloudy and had a dark color to it, this means you may need to change it. The transmission fluid should be changed every 30,000-60,000 miles for the best results, and this will allow the fluid to maintain its natural orange color.

Be sure to let an auto mechanic change this fluid for you if you don't have any experience with vehicles.

Your transmission is a key component of your car, and you'll want to ensure it's in good shape at all times. Be sure to check with a professional auto mechanic, like those at American Transmission Center, who will have the necessary expertise and accessories on hand to fix any transmission issues you may encounter.